How Does An Instant Pot Duo 60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Work?

02 Apr

By now everyone interested in cooking has heard of the amazing Instant Pot, a versatile kitchen appliance with multiple cooking functions that can do the job of 7 small appliances. It comes with preset programs specifically designed to cook food to perfection, whether it's oats, meat stews, soups or dessert. If you make this counter top multi-cooker a permanent fixture in our kitchen, you will soon rely on it more often than any other of your conventional cooking appliances.

How Does the Instant Pot Work?

While specific functions will vary on the type of model, there are certain basic programs that are standard on most models. These include:

-    Pressure Cooker

-    Warmer

-    Yogurt Maker

-    Rice Cooker

-    Steamer

-    Slow Cooker

-    Sautéing/Browning 

Additional programs include Egg Maker, Sterilizer, and Cake Maker. Some models have the option of inserting certain types of dishes like cake pans and cupcake molds directly into the cooking chamber. Various settings such as high, medium, low, and keep warm are featured as well as a timer.

When set on the high pressure setting an Instant Pot cooks food at roughly 11 psi compared to a stovetop pressure cooker that cooks at 15 psi. Regular pressure cooker recipes will have to be adjusted by between 7% to 15% to accommodate the difference.

Primarily it acts as an electrically powered pressure cooker that works on the principle that water can boil up to 120°C in comparison with 100°C on a conventional stove top. The three major components of the Instant Pot, the outer, inner and cover work together to create an environment that produces rapid cooking times at high temperatures and high pressure.

The outer pot contains the motherboard of the system, a control panel, a heat source, and temperature and pressure sensors. The inner pot containing the food is placed inside the outer chamber and the cover features locking mechanisms, gaskets, and emergency pressure release valves that create an air-tight seal to lock the appliance.

When a button is pressed on the control panel, a signal is sent to the motherboard to turn on the heat source situated in the base of the inner pot. The airtight seal allows the hot air in the inner pot to expand, turning liquid into steam which causes increase pressure between the outer and inner pots.

Beneath the heat source in the inner pot is a flexible plate that bends when the maximum tolerable air temperature and pressure have been reached and triggering the pressure sensor beneath the deforming plate to deactivate. This acts as a feedback mechanism for the motherboards and as a safety feature to avoid dangerously high pressure which may lead to an explosion. 

Once the pressure sensor has been activated, the heat source will automatically shut off.

As soon as the air has cooled down sufficiently the pressure drops and the plate flattens out again, deactivating the pressure sensor. This sends a signal for the heating element to be turned back on again. This constant heat cycling maintains relatively average temperatures in a sealed space. The heating cycle is controlled by the particular program set to maintain a lower or higher heat. 

The Instant Pot is a versatile cooking appliance that offers the speed and convenience of a pressure cooker combined with the convenience of multiple functions which is why it has become so popular. Need more information about the Instant Pot Duo 60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker model visit us at 

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